Pleurobranchaea britannica: A new species of Sea slug discovered in UK waters 

A new species of sea slug, named Pleurobranchaea britannica, has been discovered in the waters off the southwest coast of England. This is the...

Revival of Pigs Brain after Death : An Inch Closer to Immortality

Scientists have revived pigs brain four hours after its death and kept alive outside the body for several hours Of all organs, brain is most...

A New Novel Way of Oxygen Production in Ocean

Some microbes in the deep-sea produce oxygen in a hitherto unknown way. In order to generate energy, the archaea species ‘Nitrosopumilus maritimus’ oxidises ammonia, in...

Have We Found the Key for Longevity in Humans?

A crucial protein which is responsible for longevity has been identified for the first time in monkeys Plethora of research is happening in the field...

LZTFL1: High Risk COVID-19 Gene Common to South Asians Identified

LZTFL1 expression causes high levels of TMPRSS2, by inhibiting EMT (epithelial mesenchymal transition), a developmental response involved in wound healing and recovery from disease. In a...
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Scientific European is now available in several languages.

Inspiring young minds for future engagement in scientific research and innovation is at the heart of economic development and prosperity of a society. The best way to do this is to expose them to latest research & scientific and technological developments in their own language for easy comprehension and appreciation (especially for those whose first language is other than English). 

Therefore, for benefits and convenience of students and readers, neural translation of Scientific European is made available in several languages. Please select your language from the table.

Scientific European is published in English. 

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