AVONET: a New Database for all Birds  

A new, complete dataset of comprehensive functional trait for all birds, called AVONET, containing measurements of more than 90,000 individual birds has been released...

Did the Nobel Committee Err in NOT Awarding Rosalind Franklin the Nobel Prize for the Discovery of Structure of DNA?

The double-helix structure of DNA was first discovered and reported in the journal Nature in April 1953 by Rosalind Franklin (1). However, she did...

A New Novel Way of Oxygen Production in Ocean

Some microbes in the deep-sea produce oxygen in a hitherto unknown way. In order to generate energy, the archaea species ‘Nitrosopumilus maritimus’ oxidises ammonia, in...

BrainNet: The First Case of Direct ‘Brain-To-Brain’ Communication

Scientists have demonstrated for the first time a multiple-person ‘brain-to-brain’ interface where three persons collaborated to complete a task via direct ‘brain-to-brain’ communication. This...

New Anti-Ageing Intervention to Slow Motor Ageing and Prolong Longevity

Study highlights the key genes which can prevent motor function decline as an organism ages, for now in worms Ageing is a natural and inevitable...
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Scientific European is now available in several languages.

Inspiring young minds for future engagement in scientific research and innovation is at the heart of economic development and prosperity of a society. The best way to do this is to expose them to latest research & scientific and technological developments in their own language for easy comprehension and appreciation (especially for those whose first language is other than English). 

Therefore, for benefits and convenience of students and readers, neural translation of Scientific European is made available in several languages. Please select your language from the table.

Scientific European is published in English. 

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