Author FAQs

Who can submit articles for publication in SCIEU®?
The authors could be academics, scientists and/or scholars who have extensive first-hand knowledge of the subject matter. They may have sound credentials for writing about the topic and would also have made significant contribution in the area described. We also welcome science journalists with suitable experience and background to deeply explore the topics covered.

How can I submit manuscript? What is the procedure for submitting articles?
You may submit your manuscripts electronically on our website. Clicking here will take you to our ePress page. Please fill in details of author(s) and upload your manuscript. You may also send your manuscript by email to [email protected] however online submission is the preferred mode.

How much will it cost to publish an article?
Article Publishing & Publishing Charge (APC) is nil

If the manuscript is rejected, will I be able to publish elsewhere?
Yes, there are no restrictions from our side provided it is fine with other journal policies.

Can I become Reviewer or join editorial team of Scientific European®?
If interested, kindly fill in the online form HERE or submit your CV on Work With Us page of our company website.

How do I contact editorial team of Scientific European®?
You may contact our editorial team by sending an email to [email protected]