WAIfinder: a new digital tool to maximise connectivity across the UK AI landscape 

UKRI has launched WAIfinder, an online tool to showcase AI capability in the UK and to increase connections across the UK Artificial Intelligence R&D ecosystem.

In order to to make navigating the UK’s artificial intelligence R & D ecosystem easier, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has launched “WAIFinder”, a new interactive digital map.  

The new interactive digital map, WAIFinder has been developed for social good to support ecosystem facilitation and maximise connectivity across the AI landscape. It will allow researchers and innovators to browse companies, funders, incubators and academic institutions that are involved in creating artificial intelligence (AI) products, services, processes and research. 

Users will be able to browse companies, research institutions, funders and incubators that are involved in creating and funding AI products, services, processes and research. The tool will make it easier to find information and navigate the UK’s dynamic AI R&D landscape as well as find partners to collaborate with. 

WAIFinder is web-based and is dynamic and updated constantly. It is freely accessible to users. 



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