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Gravity Waves Above the Skies of Antarctica

The origins of the mysterious ripples called gravity waves above Antarctica skies has been discovered for the first time


August 2018

Weight-Based Dosing of Aspirin for Prevention of Cardiovascular Events

Study shows that a person’s body weight influences the effects of low-dose aspirin in preventing cardiovascular events



A New Shape Discovered: Scutoid

A new geometrical shape has been discovered which enables three-dimensional packing of epithelial cells when making curved tissues and organs.



Meghalayan Age

Geologists have marked a new phase in the history of earth after discovering evidences in Meghalaya, India



‘Transferring Memory’ From One Organism to Another a Possibility?

New study shows that it might be possible to transfer memory between organisms by transferring RNA from a trained organism into an untrained one



Towards a better understanding of depression and anxiety

Researchers have studied detailed effects of ‘pessimistic thinking’ which occurs in anxiety and depression



A New Approach to Prevent Oesophageal cancer

A novel treatment which “prevents” oesophageal cancer in at-risk patients is reported in a large clinical trial.



Dog: Man’s Best Companion

Scientific research has proven that dogs are compassionate beings who overcome obstacles to help their human owners.



Milky Way’s ‘Sibling’ Galaxy Discovered

A “sibling” of Earth’s galaxy Milky Way is discovered which was torn apart by Andromeda galaxy billions of years ago

Origin of High Energy Neutrinos Traced

The origins of high-energy neutrino have been traced for the very first time, solving an important astronomic mystery


JULY 2018

Combination of Diet and Therapy for Cancer Treatment

The ketogenic diet (low carbohydrate, limited protein and high fat) shows improved effectiveness of a new class of cancer drugs in cancer treatment


JULY 2018

Fern Genome Decoded: Hope for Environmental Sustainability

Unlocking the genetic information of a fern could provide us potential solutions to multiple issues faced by our planet today.

JULY 2018

‘Success streak’ is Real

Statistical analysis has shown that “hot streak” or a string of successes is real and everyone experiences these at some time point in their careers

JULY 2018

Correcting Genetic Conditions in Unborn Babies

Study shows promise for treating genetic disease in a mammal during foetal development in the first three months of a pregnancy

JULY 2018

Novel Drug Therapy to Cure Deafness

Researchers have successfully treated hereditary hearing loss in mice using a small molecule of a drug leading to hopes for new treatments for deafness

JULY 2018

A Unique Pill to Treat Type 2 Diabetes

A temporary coating that mimics the effects of gastric bypass surgery could help to treat type 2 diabetes

JULY 2018

Growing Neanderthal Brain in the Laboratory

Studying the Neanderthal brain can reveal genetic modifications which caused Neanderthals to face extinction while made us humans as a unique long-surviving species

JULY 2018

A New Approach to Treat Obesity

Researchers have studied an alternative approach to regulate immune cell function to treat obesity

Cost Effective Way To Convert Plants Into Renewable Source Of Energy

Scientists have shown a new technology in which bioengineered bacteria can make cost-effective chemicals/polymers from renewable plant sources

JUNE 2018

Smoothening The Wrinkles ‘Inside’ Our Cells: Step Ahead For Anti-Ageing

A new breakthrough study has shown how we could restore our cell’s functionality and tackle the unwanted effects of ageing.

JUNE 2018

Artificial Sensory Nerve System: A Boon For Prosthetics

Researchers have developed an artificial sensory nerve system which can process information similar to the human body and it could effectively give sense of touch to prosthetic limbs

JUNE 2018

A Way Forward In Developing Medicines With Fewer Unwanted Side Effects

A breakthrough study has shown a way forward to create medicines/drugs which have fewer unwanted side effects than we have today

JUNE 2018

Novel Cure For Breast Cancer

In an unprecedented breakthrough, a woman with advanced breast cancer spread in her body showed complete regression of the disease by harnessing the power of her own immune system to fight cancer

JUNE 2018

Direct Capture Of Carbon Dioxide From Air: Promising Way To Tackle Carbon Footprint And Fuel Generation

Study had shown a scalable and affordable solution of directly capturing carbon dioxide from air and tackling carbon footprint

JUNE 2018

Two Isomeric Forms Of Everyday Water Show Different Reaction Rates

Researchers have investigated for the first time how two different forms known of water behave differently when undergoing chemical reactions

JUNE 2018

First Artificial Cornea

Scientists have for the very first time bioengineered a human cornea using 3D printing technique which can be a boost for corneal transplants.

Precision Medicine For Cancer, Neural Disorders And Cardiovascular Diseases

New study shows a method to individually distinguish cells in the body in order to advance precision medicine or personalised therapeutic treatments.

MAY 2018

A Plastic Eating Enzyme: Hope For Recycling
And Fighting Pollution

Researchers have identified and engineered an enzyme which can digest and consume some of our most commonly polluting plastics providing a hope for recycling and fighting pollution

MAY 2018

A New Tooth-Mounted Nutrition Tracker

Recent study has developed a new tooth mounted tracker which records what we are eating and is the next trend to be added to the list of health/fitness trackers

MAY 2018


Use Of Nanowires To Produce Safer And Powerful Batteries

Study has discovered a way to make batteries that we use every day to be more resilient, powerful and safe.

MAY 2018

Bacteria On Healthy Skin Could Prevent Skin Cancer?

Study has shown bacteriawhich is commonly found on our skin acts as a potential
“layer” of protection against cancer

MAY 2018

A Step Towards Finding A Cure For Greying And Baldness

Researchers have identified a group of cells in the hair follicles of mice which are important both in forming the hair shaft to allow hair growth, and also in maintaining hair colour in a study aimed at identifying possible treatments for hair greying and balding

MAY 2018

Sugars And Artificial Sweeteners Harmful
In The Same Manner

Recent studies have shown that artificial sweeteners need to be approached with caution and they may not be good and can cause conditions like diabetes and obesity.

MAY 2018


New Nanofiber Dressing For Efficient Wound Healing

Recent studies have developed new wound dressings which accelerate healing and improve tissue regeneration in wounds.

MAY 2018

Advances In Regeneration Of Damaged Heart

Recent twin studies have shown novel ways of regenerating a damaged heart

Sustainable Agriculture: Economic And Environmental Conservation For Smallholding Farmers

A recent report shows a sustainable agriculture initiative in China to achieve high crop yield and low use of fertilizers using an elaborate network of researchers, agents and farmers

APRIL 2018

Artificial Intelligence Systems: Enabling Fast
And Efficient Medical Diagnosis?

Recent studies have shown the capability of artificial intelligence systems in
medically diagnosing important diseases

APRIL 2018

A Hopeful Alternative To Antibiotics For
Treating Urinary Tract Infections

Researchers have reported a new way to treat Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) in mice without using antibiotics

APRIL 2018

Graphene: A Giant Leap Towards Room Temperature Superconductors

Recent ground-breaking study has shown the unique properties of material graphene for a long-term possibility of finally developing economical and practical-to-use superconductors.

APRIL 2018

DNA As A Medium To Store Vast Computer Data: A Reality Very Soon?

A breakthrough study takes significant step forward in the quest to develop a DNA-based storage
system for digital data.

APRIL 2018

Tricking The Body: A New Preventive Way
To Tackle Allergies

A new study shows an innovative method to tackle food allergy in mice by tricking the immune system into avoiding giving out an allergic reaction response

APRIL 2018

New Hope For Attacking The Deadliest
Form Of Malaria

A set of studies describe a human antibody which can effectively prevent the deadliest malaria caused by the parasite Plasmodium falciparum

APRIL 2018

New Innovatively-Designed Iow Cost Material To Combat
Air And Water Pollution

Study has produced a new material which could adsorb air and water pollutants and could be a low cost sustainable alternative to the currently used activated carbon

APRIL 2018

Remembering Stephen Hawking

”However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed
at ” – Stephen Hawking

Constructing ‘Real’ Biological Structures Using 3D Bioprinting

In a major advancement in 3D bioprinting technique, cells and tissues have been created to behave like in their natural environment so as to construct ‘real’ biological structures

MARCH 2018

‘E-Skin’ That Mimics The Biological
Skin And Its Functions

The discovery of a new type of malleable, self-healing and completely recyclable “electronic skin” has wide applications from health monitoring, robotics, prosthetics and improved biomedical devices.

MARCH 2018

Nanorobotics – A Smarter And Targeted
Way To Attack Cancer

In a recent study, researchers have developed for the first time a fully autonomous nanorobotic system for specifically targeting cancer

MARCH 2018

A Broad-Spectrum Antiviral Drug…Finally!

Recent study has developed a new potential broad-spectrum drug for treating infections from Herpes Simplex Virus-1 and possibly other viruses in both new patients and who have got drug resistance from available drugs

MARCH 2018

A ‘New’ Blood Test That Detects Cancers That Are Undetectable
Till Date In Their Early Stages

In a major advancement in cancer screening, new study has developed a simple blood test to detect eight different cancers in their early stages, five of which do not have a screening program for early detection.

MARCH 2018

Artificial Muscle

In a major advancement in robotics, robot with ‘soft’ human-like muscles have been successfully designed for the first time. Such soft robots can be a boon to design human friendly robots in the future.

MARCH 2018

New Understanding Of Schizophrenia

A recent breakthrough study unearths a new mechanism of schizophrenia

MARCH 2018

A Step Closer To Quantum Computer

Series of breakthroughs in quantum computing

MARCH 2018

Possibility Of Flying At 5000 Miles Per Hour!

China has successfully tested a hypersonic jet plane which could cut down the travel time by almost one-seventh.