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Monthly Popular Science Magazine
Scientific European: Advances, Latest Research, Articles and News
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Current Posts

Polar Bear Inspired, Energy-efficient Building Insulation

Scientists have designed a nature-inspired carbon tube aerogel thermal insulating material based upon the microstructure of polar bear hair. This lightweight, highly-elastic and more efficient heat insulator opens up new avenues for energy-efficient building insulation

JUNE 2019

garbage bin

Food Wastage Due to Premature Discarding: A Low-cost Sensor to Test Freshness

Scientists have developed an inexpensive sensor using PEGS technology which can test food freshness and can help reduce wastage due to discarding food prematurely (throwing away of food solely because it is close to (or passed) the use-by date, regardless of its actual freshness). The sensors can be integrated into food packaging or tags.

JUNE 2019

a businessman meditating

MediTrain: A New Meditation Practice Software to Improve Attention Span

Study has developed a novel digital meditation practice software which can help healthy young adults to improve and sustain their attention span

May 2019

New Understanding of Mechanism of Tissue Regeneration Following Radiotherapy

Animal study describes role of URI protein in tissue regeneration after exposure to high-dose radiation from radiation therapy

MAY 2019

Food and Health

Consumption of Highly Processed Foods and Health: New Evidences from Research

Two studies provide evidences that associate high consumption of ultra-processed food with increased health risks

MAY 2019

Safe Drinking Water

The Challenge of Safe Drinking Water: A Novel Solar Powered Home-based, Low Cost Water Purification System

Study describes a novel portable solar-steaming collection system with polymer origami which can collect and purify water at a very low cost

MAY 2019

gut and mood

Anxiety Relief Through Probiotic and Non-Probiotic Diet Adjustments

A systematic review provides comprehensive evidence that regulating microbiota in intestine could be a possible approach to relieve symptoms of anxiety

MAY 2019

eat a rainbow-

Treating Cancer Through Restoring Function of Tumour Suppressor Using Vegetable Extract

Study in mice and human cells describes reactivation of an important tumour suppressive gene using a vegetable extract thus offering a promising strategy for cancer treatment

MAY 2019

Solar Energy Power

Advancement in Harnessing Solar Energy to Generate Power

Study describes a novel all-perovskite tandem solar cell which has the potential to provide inexpensive and more efficient way to harness Sun’s energy to generate electrical power

MAY 2019

Therapy for Heart Attack

Gene Therapy for Heart Attack (Myocardial Infarction): Study on Pigs Improved Cardiac Function

For the first time, delivery of genetic material induced heart cells to de-differentiate and proliferate in a large-animal model after myocardial infarction. This led to improvement in heart functions.

MAY 2019

Non-alcoholic Fatty

An Update in Understanding of Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Study describes a novel mechanism involved in progression of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and highlights protein Mitofusin 2 as having the potential to be a possible treatment model

MAY 2019

Our sense of smell

Decline in Sense of Smell May be Early Sign of Health Deterioration Among Elderly

A long follow up cohort study shows that loss of sense of smell could be an early predictor of health problems and higher mortality among older adult

MAY 2019

Health and Lifespan

Excessive Intake of Protein for Bodybuilding May Impact Health and Lifespan

Study in mice shows that long-term consumption of dietary protein containing high amounts of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) can result in excessive eating caused due to dietary amino acid imbalance. This affects metabolic health and causes reduced lifespan.

MAY 2019

Exploiting Biocatalysis

Exploiting Biocatalysis to make Bioplastics

A plethora of avenues exist where biocatalysis and biotransformation reactions can be used for human and environmental benefit.

April 2019

Disruption of Body Clock due to Irregular Insulin Secretion Associated with Untimely Eating Increases Risk of Chronic Diseases

Feeding regulates level of Insulin and IGF-1. These hormones play key role in maintaining blood sugar level. This study proposes that these hormones...

APRIL 2019

Lizard Using CRISPR Technology

First Successful Gene Editing in Lizard Using CRISPR Technology

This first case of genetic manipulation in a lizard has created a model organism that could help gain further understanding of reptile evolution and development

APRIL 2019

Cats Are Aware of Their Names

Cats Are Aware of Their Names

Study shows the ability of cats to discriminate spoken human words based on familiarity and phonetics

APRIL 2019

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil in Food Reduces Skin Allergy

New study in mice shows effect of consuming dietary coconut oil in controlling allergic skin inflammation

APRIL 2019

Scientific European

Scientific European Connects General Readers to the Original Research

The USP of the magazine is the availability at the end of the article of a list of sources with details and links to the original research articles, so that anyone interested can go and read the relevant research paper simply by clicking the link provided.

APRIL 2019

Revival of Pigs Brain after Death

Revival of Pigs Brain after Death : An Inch Closer to Immortality

Scientists have revived pigs brain four hours after its death and kept alive outside the body for several hours

APRIL 2019

Coconut Oil and brain

Alzheimer’s Disease: Coconut Oil Decreases Plaques in Brain Cells

Experiments on mice cells shows a new mechanism pointing towards potential benefits of coconut oil in managing Alzheimer’s disease

APRIL 2019

Coconut oil and brain

A New Combination Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease: Animal Trial Shows Encouraging Results

Study shows a new combination therapy of plant-derived compounds to reverse cognitive impairment in mice

APRIL 2019

Treating HIV

Advances in Treatment of HIV Infection by Bone Marrow Transplantation

New study shows a second case of successful HIV remission after a bone marrow transplant

APRIL 2019

Black holr

The First Ever Image of The Shadow of a Black Hole

Scientists have successfully taken first ever picture of the shadow of a black hole providing direct observation of its immediate environment

APRIL 2019

Ultrahigh Ångström-Scale Resolution miscroscope

Ultrahigh Ångström-Scale Resolution Imaging of Molecules

Highest level resolution (Angstrom level) microscopy developed that could observe vibration of molecule

APRIL 2019

testing Vitamin D with hair

Diagnosing Vitamin D Deficiency by Testing Hair Sample Instead of Blood Test

Study shows first step towards developing a test for measuring Vitamin D status from hair samples

APRIL 2019

Green tea

Green Tea Vs Coffee: The Former Seems Healthier

According to a study conducted among elderly in Japan, consuming green tea may reduce risk of poor Oral Health Related Quality of Life

March 2019

I2T2 (Intelligent Injector for Tissue Targeting): Invention of a Highly Sensitive Injection That Targets Tissue Precisely

A new innovative injector which can deliver medications to difficult locations of the body has been tested in animal models

MARCH 2019

drug discovery

A Virtual Large Library to Assist Rapid Drug Discovery and Design

Researchers have built a large virtual docking library which would assist in rapidly discovering new drugs and therapeutics

MARCH 2019

woman analysing medical data on computer

Mobile Telephony in Combination with Internet-Connected Diagnostic Devices Offers Novel Ways to Diagnose, Track and Control Diseases

Studies show how existing smartphone technology can be used to predict and control infectious and non-infectious diseases

MARCH 2019

two young girls lying on a bed

Identification of Neuro-Immune Axis: Good Sleep Protects Against the Risk of Heart Diseases

New study in mice shows that getting enough sleep every night could provide protection from cardiovascular diseases

MARCH 2019

pain severity meter

A First Ever Prototype ‘Blood Test’ Which Can Objectively Measure the Severity of Pain

A novel blood test for pain has been developed which can help to provide objective treatments based on severity of pain

MARCH 2019

an old man experiencing knee pain

A Potential Method to Treat Osteoarthritis by Nano-Engineered System for Delivery of Protein Therapeutics

Researchers have created 2-dimensional mineral nanoparticles to deliver treatment in the body for cartilage regeneration

MARCH 2019

ultrasound showing twins

Understanding Sesquizygotic (Semi-Identical) Twins; The Second, Previously Unreported Type of Twinning

Case study reports first rare semi-identical twins in humans to be identified during pregnancy and only second ever known till now

MARCH 2019

young girl using inhaler

PARS: A Better Tool to Predict Asthma Among Children

Two computer-based tools have been created and tested in independent studies for predicting and improving asthma care

MARCH 2019

heart pacemaker

A Batteryless Cardiac Pacemaker Powered by Natural Heartbeat

Study shows for the first time an innovative self-powered heart pacemaker tested successfully in pigs

February 2019

Automated Virtual Reality (VR) Treatments for Mental Health Disorders

Study shows effectiveness of an automated virtual reality treatment to psychologically intervene in reducing a person’s fear of heights


woman eating breakfast after workout

Does Regular Breakfast Eating Really Help Reduce Body Weight?

A review of previous trials shows that eating or skipping breakfast may not have any impact on a person’s health


woman injecting herself

Delivering Oral Dose of Insulin to Patients of Type 1 Diabetes: Trial successful in Pigs

A new pill has been designed which delivers insulin into the bloodstream easily and pain-free, in pigs for now



E-Cigarettes Twice More Effective in Helping Smokers to Quit Smoking

Study shows the e-cigarettes are twice more effective than nicotine-replacement therapy in helping smokers to quit smoking.


a brown textile

A Unique Textile Fabric with Self-Adjusting Heat Emissivity

The first temperature-sensitive textile has been created which can regulate our body’s heat exchange with the environment


gut bateria and our moods

Influence of Gut Bacteria on Depression and Mental Health

Scientists have identified several groups of bacteria which varied along with depression and quality of life in humans


chart showing vital signs

Vital Sign Alert (VSA) Device: A Novel Device for Use in Pregnancy

A novel vital signs measurement device is ideal for low resource settings for timely intervention of illnesses during pregnancy


carbon management

Carbon Capture Based on Crystallization of Bicarbonate-water Clusters: A Promising Approach to Control Global Warming

A new carbon capture method has been devised to capture carbon dioxide from fossil-fuel emissionss


levels of pain

Relief from Painful Neuropathy Through the Clearance of Partially Damaged Nerves

Scientists have found a new way in mice to get relief from the chronic neuropathic pain

January 2019

Organic Farming Can Have Much Greater Implications for Climate Change

Study shows growing food organically has higher impact on climate because of more land use


anti pollution mask wrapped around earth

Air Pollution A Major Health Risk to the Planet: India Worst Affected Globally

Comprehensive study on the seventh biggest country of the world, India, shows how ambient air pollution is majorly affecting health outcomes


intermittent fasting

Intermittent Fasting Can Make Us Healthier

Study shows that intermittent fasting for certain intervals can promote good health by boosting our metabolism


effects of gluten intolerance

Gluten Intolerance: A Promising Step Towards Developing a Treatment for Cystic Fibrosis and Celiac Disease

Study suggests a new protein involved in development of gluten intolerance which be a therapeutic target.


woman experiencing stomach pain

Probiotics Not Effective Enough in Treating ‘Stomach Flu’ in children

Twin studies show that expensive and popular probiotics may not be effective in treating ‘stomach flu’ in young children.


vitamin D

Magnesium Mineral Regulates Vitamin D Levels in Our Body

A new clinical trial shows how mineral magnesium has the ability to regulate vitamin D levels in our body


African girl holding medicine strip

Discovery of Chemical Leads for Next Generation Anti-Malarial Drug

A new study has used robotic screening for shortlisting chemical compounds which could be ‘prevent’ malaria


age longetivity chart

New Anti-Ageing Intervention to Slow Motor Aging and Prolong Longevity

tudy highlights the key genes which can prevent motor function decline as an organism ages, for now in worms


electric curcuits in brain

A Wireless ‘‘Brain Pacemaker’’ That Can Detect and Prevent Seizures

Engineers have designed a wireless ‘brain pacemaker’ which can detect and prevent tremors or seizures in patients suffering from neurological disorders

December 2018

Neutralizing Antibodies Induced by Vaccination can Provide Protection Against HIV Infection

Research shows that neutralizing antibodies which are induced by vaccination can protect animals from HIV infection.


stop diabetes

Glucagon Mediated Glucose Production in Liver can Control and Prevent Diabetes

An important marker for diabetes development has been identified


a lesbian couple with children

Biological Barriers of Reproduction from Same-Sex Mammals Overcome

Study shows for the firsttime healthy mouse offspring born from same sex parents – in this case mothers


pain relief

Recently Identified Nerve-Signalling Pathway for Effective Pain Management

Scientists have identified a distinct nerve-signalling pathway which could help to recover from sustained pain after an injury.


clean energy vs polluting energy

Advances in Laser Technology Opens New Vistas for Cleaner Fuel and Energy

Scientists have developed a laser technology which could open avenues for clean fuel and energy technologies in the future.



The Largest Dinosaur Fossil Excavated for the First Time in South Africa

Scientists have excavated the largest dinosaur fossil which would have been the largest terrestrial animal on our planet.


a spinning gyroscope

The Smallest Optical Gyroscope

Engineers have built the world’ tiniest light-sensing gyroscope which could be easily integrated into smallest portable modern technology
The Smallest Optical Gyroscope
December 15, 2018



The First Successful Pregnancy and Birth After Womb Transplant from a Deceased Donor

First womb transplant from a deceased donor leads to successful birth of a healthy baby


ants discussion in a colony

How Ant Society Actively Reorganizes Itself to Control the Spread of Diseases

A first study has shown how an animal society actively reorganizes itself to reduce the spread of disease

November 2018

Tau: A New Protein That May Aid in Developing Personalized Alzheimer’s Therapy

Research has shown that another protein called tau is responsible for early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and this information may aid in developing therapies.


peanut allergy

A New Easy Treatment for Peanut Allergy

A promising new treatment using immunotherapy to treat peanut allergy by building tolerance over time.


fish oil

Omega-3 Supplements May Not Offer Benefit to The Heart

An elaborate comprehensive study shows Omega-3 supplements may not offer benefit to the heart


old woman intreacting with her caregiver

Treatment of Paralysis Using a Novel Method of Neurotechnology

Study had shown recovery from paralysis using a novel method of neurotechnology


our regenerative abilities

‘Adult Frog Regrows Amputated Legs’: An Advance in Organ Regeneration Research

Adult frogs have been shown for the first time to regrow amputated legs marking it as a breakthrough for organ regeneration.


futuristic plane

‘Ionic Wind’ Powered Airplane: A Plane That Has No Moving Part

Airplane has been designed which won’t be dependent on fossil fuels or battery as it won’t have any moving part


a nanorobot reaching its target

Nanorobots That Deliver Drugs Directly into The Eyes

For the first time nanorobots have been designed which can deliver drugs directly into the eyes without causing damage.


a woman experiencing stomach pain

Cefiderocol: A New Antibiotic for Treating Complex and Advanced Urinary Tract Infections

A newly discovered antibiotic follows a unique mechanism in fighting drug-resistant bacteria responsible for UTIs.


DNA origami nanostructures

DNA Origami Nanostructures for Treatment of Acute Kidney Failure

A novel study based on nanotechnology generates hope for treating acute kidney injury and failure.

October 2018

Imperative for Nutritional Labelling

Study shows on the basis of Nutri-Score developed by UK, a low nutritional diet increases risk of illnesses and a nutrition labelling system must be incorporated to increase consumer awareness


mosquitoes flying

A New Drug that Prevent Malaria Parasites from Infecting Mosquitos

Compounds have been identified which could prevent malaria parasites from infecting mosquitos, thereby stopping the spread of malaria.


which personality type are you

Personality Types

Scientists have used an algorithm to plot huge data collected from 1.5 million people to define four distinct personality types
Personality Types
October 15, 2018


HIV virus

A New Drug to Fight Advanced Drug-resistant HIV Infection

Researchers have designed a novel HIV drug which can help fight advanced, drug-resistant HIV infection in patients who have no other treatment options.


bendable and foldable elctronic devices

Bendable and Foldable Electronic Devices

Engineers have invented a semiconductor made by a thin flexible hybrid material which can be used for displays on electronic devices in the near future.

October 2018

electronics to attach to human skin

Skin-attachable Loudspeakers and Microphones

A wearable electronic device has been discovered which can attach to one’s body and act as a speaker and microphone



Have We Found the Key for Longevity in Humans?

A crucial protein which is responsible for longevity has been identified for the first time in monkeys


moon orbiting the earth

New Exomoon

A pair of astronomers have made the big discovery of an ‘exomoon’ in another solar system
New Exomoon
October 15, 2018


three dimensional structures of molecules

Enhancing Drug Efficiency by Correcting 3D Orientation of Molecules: A Step Forward Towards Novel Medicine

Researchers have discovered a way to be able to design efficient medicines by giving the compound a correct 3D orientation which is important for its biological activity

September 2018

Detecting and Stopping Epileptic Seizures

Researchers haves shown an electronic device can detect and end epileptic seizures when implanted into brain of mice


old woman drinking a glass of water

Moderate Alcohol Consumption May Decrease Risk of Dementia

A study suggests that both excessive consumption of alcohol and total abstinence contribute to a person’s risk of developing dementia later in life


wood blocks lying on grass

Artificial Wood

Scientists have fabricated artificial wood from synthetic resins which while mimicking natural wood exhibits improved properties for multifunctional use
Artificial Wood
September 15, 2018


blind man assisted in walking by a caretaker

A New Cure for Congenital Blindness

Study shows a new way to reverse genetic blindness in a mammal


researcher looking at a drug molecule

A New Non-Addictive Pain-relieving Drug

Scientists have discovered a safe and non-addictive synthetic bifunctional drug for relieving pain


brain of a child

Stress Could Affect Development of Nervous System in Early Adolescence

Scientists have shown that environmental stress can affect normal development of nervous system in worms who are approaching puberty


frozen ice on glass

Roundworms Revived After Being Frozen in Ice for 42,000 Years

For the first time dormant multicellular organisms’ nematodes were revived after being buried in permafrost deposits for thousands of years.


ovarian cancer

A New Antibody Approach to Fight Ovarian Cancer

A unique immunotherapy-based antibody approach has been developed which targets cancers consisting of solid tumours


earthquake magnitude measurement

A Novel Method Which Could Help Forecast Earthquake Aftershocks

A novel artificial intelligence approach could help predict location of aftershocks following an earthquake



The Most Accurate Value of Gravitational Constant ‘G’ Till Date

A unique immunotherapy-based antibody approach has been developed which targets cancers consisting of solid tumours

August 2018

Milky Way’s ‘Sibling’ Galaxy Discovered

A “sibling” of Earth’s galaxy Milky Way is discovered which was torn apart by Andromeda galaxy billions of years ago


one aspirin a day

Weight-Based Dosing of Aspirin for Prevention of Cardiovascular Events

Study shows that a person’s body weight influences the effects of low-dose aspirin in preventing cardiovascular events


new shape scutoid

A New Shape Discovered: Scutoid

A new geometrical shape has been discovered which enables three-dimensional packing of epithelial cells when making curved tissues and organs.


meghalayan age

Meghalayan Age

Geologists have marked a new phase in the history of earth after discovering evidences in Meghalaya, India
Meghalayan Age
August 15, 2018


messenger RNA

‘Transferring Memory’ From One Organism to Another a Possibility?

New study shows that it might be possible to transfer memory between organisms by transferring RNA from a trained organism into an untrained one


mental disorders

Towards a Better Understanding of Depression and Anxiety

Researchers have studied detailed effects of ‘pessimistic thinking’ which occurs in anxiety and depression


oesophagael cancer

A New Approach to Prevent Oesophageal Cancer

A novel treatment which “prevents” oesophageal cancer in at-risk patients is reported in a large clinical trial.


blind man walking with dog

Dog: Man’s Best Companion

Scientific research has proven that dogs are compassionate beings who overcome obstacles to help their human owners.
Dog: Man’s Best Companion
August 15, 2018



Gravity Waves Above the Skies of Antarctica

The origins of the mysterious ripples called gravity waves above Antarctica skies has been discovered for the first time

July 2018

‘Success streak’ is Real

Statistical analysis has shown that “hot streak” or a string of successes is real and everyone experiences these at some time point in their careers

JULY 2018

genetic conditions in unborn babies

Correcting Genetic Conditions in Unborn Babies

Study shows promise for treating genetic disease in a mammal during foetal development in the first three months of a pregnancy

JULY 2018

diet and medicines

Combination of Diet and Therapy for Cancer Treatment

The ketogenic diet (low carbohydrate, limited protein and high fat) shows improved effectiveness of a new class of cancer drugs in cancer treatment

JULY 2018


Fern Genome Decoded: Hope for Environmental Sustainability

Unlocking the genetic information of a fern could provide us potential solutions to multiple issues faced by our planet today.

JULY 2018

sound waves near ears

Novel Drug Therapy to Cure Deafness

Researchers have successfully treated hereditary hearing loss in mice using a small molecule of a drug leading to hopes for new treatments for deafness

JULY 2018

type 2 diabetes

A Unique Pill to Treat Type 2 Diabetes

A temporary coating that mimics the effects of gastric bypass surgery could help to treat type 2 diabetes

JULY 2018


Origin of High Energy Neutrinos Traced

The origins of high-energy neutrino have been traced for the very first time, solving an important astronomic mystery

JULY 2018

neanderthal man

Growing Neanderthal Brain in the Laboratory

Studying the Neanderthal brain can reveal genetic modifications which caused Neanderthals to face extinction while made us humans as a unique long-surviving species

JULY 2018

an obese man getting waist measured

A New Approach to Treat Obesity

Researchers have studied an alternative approach to regulate immune cell function to treat obesity

June 2018

Two Isomeric Forms Of Everyday Water Show Different Reaction Rates

Researchers have investigated for the first time how two different forms known of water behave differently when undergoing chemical reactions

JUNE 2018

artificial eye

First Artificial Cornea

Scientists have for the very first time bioengineered a human cornea using 3D printing technique which can be a boost for corneal transplants.

JUNE 2018

fight against breast cancer

Novel Cure For Breast Cancer

In an unprecedented breakthrough, a woman with advanced breast cancer spread in her body showed complete regression of the disease by harnessing the power of her own immune system to fight cancer

JUNE 2018

prosthetic hand

Artificial Sensory Nerve System: A Boon For Prosthetics

Researchers have developed an artificial sensory nerve system which can process information similar to the human body and it could effectively give sense of touch to prosthetic limbs

JUNE 2018

renewable energy

Cost Effective Way To Convert Plants Into Renewable Source Of Energy

Scientists have shown a new technology in which bioengineered bacteria can make cost-effective chemicals/polymers from renewable plant sources

JUNE 2018

Carbon dioxide

Direct Capture Of Carbon Dioxide From Air: Promising Way To Tackle Carbon Footprint And Fuel Generation

Study had shown a scalable and affordable solution of directly capturing carbon dioxide from air and tackling carbon footprint

JUNE 2018

anti ageing abstract

Smoothening The Wrinkles ‘Inside’ Our Cells: Step Ahead For Anti-Ageing

A new breakthrough study has shown how we could restore our cell’s functionality and tackle the unwanted effects of ageing

JUNE 2018

adverse effects of medicine

A Way Forward In Developing Medicines With Fewer Unwanted Side Effects

Studying the Neanderthal brain can reveal genetic modifications which caused Neanderthals to face extinction while made us humans as a unique long-surviving species

May 2018

A Plastic Eating Enzyme: Hope for Recycling and Fighting Pollution

Researchers have identified and engineered an enzyme which can digest and consume some of our most commonly polluting plastics providing a hope for recycling and fighting pollution

MAY 2018

precision medicine

Precision Medicine for Cancer, Neural Disorders and Cardiovascular Diseases

New study shows a method to individually distinguish cells in the body in order to advance precision medicine or personalised therapeutic treatments.

MAY 2018

human heart

Advances in Regeneration of Damaged Heart

Recent twin studies have shown novel ways of regenerating a damaged heart

MAY 2018

greying and baldness

A Step Towards Finding a Cure for Greying and Baldness

Researchers have identified a group of cells in the hair follicles of mice which are important both in forming the hair shaft to allow hair growth, and also in maintaining hair colour in a study aimed at identifying possible treatments for hair greying and balding

MAY 2018

wound healing

New Nanofiber Dressing for Efficient Wound Healing

Recent studies have developed new wound dressings which accelerate healing and improve tissue regeneration in wounds.

MAY 2018

battery charging

Use of Nanowires to Produce Safer and Powerful Batteries

Study has discovered a way to make batteries that we use every day to be more resilient, powerful and safe.

MAY 2018

mole on skin

Bacteria on Healthy Skin Could Prevent Skin Cancer?

Study has shown bacteria which is commonly found on our skin acts as a potential “layer” of protection against cancer

MAY 2018

artificial sweetners

Sugars and Artificial Sweeteners Harmful in the Same Manner

Recent studies have shown that artificial sweetenersneed to be approached with caution and they may not be good and can cause conditions like diabetes and obesity.

MAY 2018

diet and nutrition

A New Tooth-Mounted Nutrition Tracker

Recent study has developed a new tooth mounted tracker which records what we are eating and is the next trend to be added to the list of health/fitness trackers

April 2018

DNA As a Medium to Store Vast Computer Data: a Reality Very Soon?

A breakthrough study takes significant step forward in the quest to develop a DNA-based storage system for digital data.

APRIL 2018

sustainable agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture: Economic and Environmental Conservation for Smallholding Farmers

A recent report shows a sustainable agriculture initiative in China to achieve high crop yield and low use of fertilizers using an elaborate network of researchers, agents and farmers

APRIL 2018


Graphene: A Giant Leap Towardsroom Temperature Superconductors

Recent ground-breaking study has shown the unique properties of material graphene for a long-termpossibility of finally developing economical and practical-to-use superconductors.

APRIL 2018

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Systems: Enabling Fast and Efficient Medical Diagnosis?

Recent studies have shown the capability of artificial intelligence systems in medically diagnosing important diseases

APRIL 2018

fighting air and water pollution

New Innovatively-Designed Low Cost material to Combat Air and Water Pollution

Study has produced a new material which could adsorb air and water pollutants and could be a low cost sustainable alternative to the currently used activated carbon

APRIL 2018

Urinary Tract Infection UTI

A Hopeful Alternative to Antibiotics for Treating Urinary Tract Infections

Researchers have reported a new way to treat Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) in mice without using antibiotics

APRIL 2018

black hole

Remembering Stephen Hawking

''However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at '' – Stephen Hawking

APRIL 2018


Tricking The Body: A New Preventive Wayto Tackle Allergies

A new study shows an innovative method to tackle food allergy in mice by tricking the immune system into avoiding giving out an allergic reaction response

APRIL 2018


New Hope For Attacking The Deadliest Form of Malaria

A set of studies describe a human antibody which can effectively prevent the deadliest malaria caused by the parasite Plasmodium falciparum

March 2018

A Step Closer to Quantum Computer

Series of breakthroughs in quantum computing

MARCH 2018

3D pritnting of human organs

Constructing ‘real’ Biological Structures Using 3D Bioprinting

In a major advancement in3D bioprinting technique, cells and tissues have been created to behavelike in their natural environment so as to construct ‘real’ biological structures

MARCH 2018

futuristic airplane

Possibility of Flying at 5000 Miles Per Hour!

China has successfully tested a hypersonic jet plane which could cut down the travel time by almost one-seventh

MARCH 2018

robot flexing muscles

Artificial Muscle

In a major advancement inrobotics, robot with ‘soft’ human-like muscles have been successfully designed for the first time. Such soft robots can be a boon to design human friendly robots in the future
Artificial Muscle
March 15, 2018

MARCH 2018


New Understanding of Schizophrenia

A recent breakthrough study unearths a new mechanism of schizophrenia

MARCH 2018

electronic circuit attached to skin

‘e-Skin’ That Mimics The Biological Skin and Its Functions

The discovery of a new type ofmalleable, self-healing and completely recyclable "electronic skin” haswide applications from health monitoring, robotics, prostheticsand improved biomedical devices

MARCH 2018

anti viral drug

A Broad-Spectrum Antiviral Drug…Finally!

Recent study has developed a new potential broad-spectrum drug for treating infections from Herpes Simplex Virus-1 and possibly other viruses in both new patients and who have got drug resistance from available drugs

MARCH 2018

nanorobot attaching to a cell

Nanorobotics - A Smarter and Targeted Way to Attack Cancer

In a recent study, researchers have developed for the first time a fully autonomous nanorobotic system for specifically targeting cancer

MARCH 2018

blood test for cancer

A 'new' Blood Test That Detects Cancers That Are Undetectable Till Date in Their Early Stages

In a major advancement incancer screening, new study has developed a simple blood test to detect eight different cancers in their early stages, five of which do not have a screening program for early detection

February 2018

Brain Pacemaker: New Hope For People With Dementia

The brain ‘pacemaker’ for Alzheimer's disease is helping patients to perform daily tasks and take care of themselves more independently than before


ageing in plant leaves

Rejuvenation of Old Cells: Making Ageing Easier

A groundbreaking study has discovered anovel way to rejuvenate inactive human senescent cells providing enormous potential for research on ageing and immense scope for improving lifespans
Rejuvenation of Old Cells:..
February 15, 2018


bionic eye

Bionic Eye: Promise of Vision for Patients With Retinal and Optic Nerve Damage

Studies has shown that the “bionic eye” promises to help restore vision to many patients suffering from partial or complete blindness



Immortality: Uploading Human Mind to Computers?!

The ambitious mission of replicating the human brain onto a computer and achieving immortality
Immortality: Uploading Human
February 15, 2018


drug addiction substance abuse

Drug De Addiction: New Approach to Curb Drug Seeking Behaviour

Breakthrough study shows that cocaine craving can be successfully reduced for effective de-addiction
Drug De Addiction: New..
February 15, 2018



Cloning The Primate: A Step ahead of Dolly The Sheep

In a breakthrough study, first primates have been successfully cloned using the same technique used to clone the first mammal Dolly the sheep


antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic Resistance: An Imperative to Stop Indiscriminate Use and New Hope to Tackle Resistant Bacteria

Recent analyses and studies have generated hope towards protecting mankind from antibiotic resistance which is fast becoming a global threat


homeopathic medicine

Homeopathy: All Dubious Claims Must Be Put to Rest

It is now a universal voice that homeopathy is ‘scientifically implausible’ and 'ethically unacceptable' and should be 'rejected' by the healthcare sector

January 2018

Editing Gene to Prevent Inheritable Disease

Study shows gene editing technique to protect one’s descendants from inheritable diseases


diabetes management

The Possible Cure of Type 2 Diabetes?

The Lancet study shows that Type 2 diabetes can be reversed in adult patients by following a rigorous weight management programme


everything in moderation

''Moderation'' Approach to Nutrition Reduces Health Risks

Multiple Studies shows that moderate intake of different dietary constituents is best associated with lower risk of death


human organs

New Hope For People Needing Organ Transplant

First study to show development of interspecies chimera


artificial womb

A Unique Womb-like Setting Generates Hope for Millions of Premature Babies

Scientists have discovered a safe and non-addictive synthetic bifunctional drug for relieving pain


air pollution

A Double Whammy: Climate Change is Affecting Air Pollution

Study shows the severe effects of climate change on air pollution thus further impacting mortality worldwide
A Double Whammy: Climate..
January 15, 2018

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