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The service, maintained by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland is to provide Researcher Information service on the portal enabling quick access to information on researchers working in Finland. This will make it easier for users to find subject experts/researchers from different fields from all Finnish research organizations in one search.  

Under this service, the researchers can create a public profile detailing their skills and up to date contact details which will be easily accessible to decision-makers, research funders, research organizations, media and companies looking for experts. The service requires the researcher to have an ORCID and be identified with ORCIDs.  

Launched in June 2020, is a service offered by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. The service increases the visibility and societal impact of Finnish research (by offering a single-source access to information on science and research in Finland) and service provides a unique knowledge base to support science policy decision-making.  

This initiative of setting up of Researchers Information System by the Finnish authorities is commendable for its novelty and significance. This should be replicated by other countries as well. In ideal situation, all such national level ‘researcher information services’ should be integrated for the benefit of users and for the good of science and the optimal utilisation of resources.  



  1. Search for information on research in Finland. Available at  
  1. Research Information Hub. Researcher’s Profile Tool’s test version. Available at  
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