Ukraine crisis: Threat of Nuclear Radiation  

Fire was reported in Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) in South-East of Ukraine amidst ongoing crisis in the region. The site is not affected....

Earth Observation data from Space to help adaption to challenges of Climate change

UK Space Agency will support two new projects. The first envisages using satellite to monitor and map heat in locations at greatest risk from...

A Plastic Eating Enzyme: Hope for Recycling and Fighting Pollution

Researchers have identified and engineered an enzyme which can digest and consume some of our most commonly polluting plastics providing a hope for recycling...

Plastic Pollution in Atlantic Ocean Much Higher Than Previously Thought

Plastic pollution poses a major threat to ecosystems worldwide especially marine environment as most of the plastics used and discarded reach finally in rivers...
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Scientific European is now available in several languages.

Inspiring young minds for future engagement in scientific research and innovation is at the heart of economic development and prosperity of a society. The best way to do this is to expose them to latest research & scientific and technological developments in their own language for easy comprehension and appreciation (especially for those whose first language is other than English). 

Therefore, for benefits and convenience of students and readers, neural translation of Scientific European is made available in several languages. Please select your language from the table.

Scientific European is published in English. 

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