The Ahramat Branch: The Extinct Branch of The Nile That Ran By The Pyramids 

Why largest Pyramids in Egypt are clustered along a narrow strip in the desert? What means were used by the ancient Egyptians to transport such large heavy blocks of stones for construction of pyramids?  

Experts have argued that perhaps Nile River flew by the pyramids in the ancient times and the pyramids were constructed along the bank of that branch of Nile that enabled transport of heavy stone blocks. This reasoning sounded logical however there was no scientific evidence to support the claim.  

A recent study used geophysical survey, radar satellite data and deep soil coring to investigate the subsurface structure and sedimentology in the Nile Valley next to the cluster of pyramids along a narrow strip.  

Geological survey revealed the remains of a major waterway beneath the ground near the Giza pyramid complex. This segment ran at the foothills of the Western Desert Plateau where most of the pyramids are situated. Further, the pyramids’ causeways terminate at its riverbank. All these findings suggest that this extinct branch was active and operational during the construction phase of the pyramids.  

The study integrated geophysical survey with radar satellite data and deep soil coring and successfully identified the major extinct branch of Nile River that ran along the pyramids.  

The extinct branch of the Nile River has been named The Ahramat Branch by the researchers.  



  1. Ghoneim, E., Ralph, T.J., Onstine, S. et al. The Egyptian pyramid chain was built along the now abandoned Ahramat Nile Branch. Commun Earth Environ 5, 233 (2024). Published: 16 May 2024. DOI: 


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