Remembering Professor Peter Higgs of Higgs boson fame 

British theoretical physicist Professor Peter Higgs, renowned for predicting mass-giving Higgs’s field in 1964 passed away on 8 April 2024 following a short illness....

Have We Found the Key for Longevity in Humans?

A crucial protein which is responsible for longevity has been identified for the first time in monkeys Plethora of research is happening in the field...

Prospect of Life in Europa’s Ocean: Juno Mission finds low Oxygen Production  

Europa, one of the largest satellites of Jupiter has a thick water-ice crust and a vast subsurface saltwater ocean beneath its icy surface hence...

The Most Accurate Value of Gravitational Constant ‘G’ Till Date

Physicists have accomplished the first most precise and accurate measurement of Newtonian gravitational constant G The Gravitational Constant denoted by the letter G appears in...
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The upper part of the statue of Ramesses II uncovered 

A team of researchers led by Basem Gehad of Supreme Council of Antiquities of Egypt and Yvona Trnka-Amrhein of University of Colorado has uncovered...

Treasure of Villena: Two artefacts made of Extra-terrestrial Meteoritic Iron

A new study indicates that the two iron artefacts (a hollow hemisphere and a bracelet) in the Treasure of Villena were made using extra-terrestrial...

Homo sapiens spread into cold steppes in northern Europe 45,000 years ago 

Homo sapiens or the modern human evolved around 200,000 years ago in East Africa near modern-day Ethiopia. They lived in Africa for a long...

aDNA research unravels “family and kinship” systems of prehistoric communities

Information about “family and kinship” systems (which is routinely studied by social anthropology and ethnography) of prehistoric societies is unavailable due to obvious reasons. Tools...

Total Solar Eclipse in North America 

Total solar eclipse will be observed in North America continent on Monday 8th April 2024. Beginning Mexico, it will move across the United States...
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Scientific European is now available in several languages.

Inspiring young minds for future engagement in scientific research and innovation is at the heart of economic development and prosperity of a society. The best way to do this is to expose them to latest research & scientific and technological developments in their own language for easy comprehension and appreciation (especially for those whose first language is other than English). 

Therefore, for benefits and convenience of students and readers, neural translation of Scientific European is made available in several languages. Please select your language from the table.

Scientific European is published in English. 

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Chemistry Nobel Prize 2023 for the discovery and synthesis of Quantum dots  

This year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded jointly to...

Discovery of Chemical Leads for Next Generation Anti-Malarial Drug

A new study has used robotic screening for shortlisting chemical compounds...