COVID‑19: National Lockdown in the UK

To protect the NHS and save lives., National Lockdown has been put in place across the UK. People have been asked to stay home at home. This is in view of recent rapid increase in number of cases across the UK

National lockdown rules apply now. More details about lockdown rules in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Further, UK COVID-19 alert level has moved from level 4 to level 5.

Currently, the community transmission rate of the infection is very high and substantial numbers of COVID patients are in hospitals and in intensive care. A a result, the health system across UK is under immense pressure. More transmissible new variant may be key reason behind rising number of cases across the four countries. There is a reasonable risk of the NHS in many areas being overwhelmed over the next three weeks.



  1. UK Government 2020. National lockdown: Stay at Home Available on Accessed on 04 January 2020. UK Government 2020. COVID-19 alert level: update from the UK Chief Medical Officers Available online at Accessed on 04 January 2020.


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