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Monthly Popular Science Magazine

Scientific European Vol. 1 no.4 Archive - Scientific European (SCIEU) - Monthly Popular Science Magazine

Volume 1 Issue 4 April 2018

DNA As a Medium to Store Vast Computer Data: a Reality Very Soon?

A breakthrough study takes significant step forward in the quest to develop a DNA-based storage system for digital data.

APRIL 2018

Sustainable Agriculture: Economic and Environmental Conservation for Smallholding Farmers

A recent report shows a sustainable agriculture initiative in China to achieve high crop yield and low use of fertilizers using an elaborate network of researchers, agents and farmers

APRIL 2018

Graphene: A Giant Leap Towardsroom Temperature Superconductors

Recent ground-breaking study has shown the unique properties of material graphene for a long-termpossibility of finally developing economical and practical-to-use superconductors.

APRIL 2018

Artificial Intelligence Systems: Enabling Fast and Efficient Medical Diagnosis?

Recent studies have shown the capability of artificial intelligence systems in medically diagnosing important diseases

APRIL 2018

New Innovatively-Designed Low Costmaterial to Combat Air and Water Pollution

Study has produced a new material which could adsorb air and water pollutants and could be a low cost sustainable alternative to the currently used activated carbon

APRIL 2018

A Hopeful Alternative to Antibiotics for Treating Urinary Tract Infections

Researchers have reported a new way to treat Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) in mice without using antibiotics

APRIL 2018

Remembering Stephen Hawking

''However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at '' – Stephen Hawking

APRIL 2018

Tricking The Body: A New Preventive Wayto Tackle Allergies

A new study shows an innovative method to tackle food allergy in mice by tricking the immune system into avoiding giving out an allergic reaction response

APRIL 2018

New Hope For Attacking The Deadliest Form of Malaria

A set of studies describe a human antibody which can effectively prevent the deadliest malaria caused by the parasite Plasmodium falciparum


Scientific European® (SCIEU®) - Disseminating Advances in Science to General Readers

Scientific European® (SCIEU®) -
Disseminating Advances in Science
to General Readers