Chinchorro Culture: Mankind’s Oldest Artificial Mummification

The oldest evidence of artificial mummification in the world comes from pre-historic Chinchorro culture of South America (in present Northern Chile) which is older than Egyptian by about two...

An Accurate Diagnostic Marker for “Ancient Beer” Research and Evidence of Malting in Neolithic Central Europe

A team involving the Austrian Academy of Sciences have presented a novel microstructural marker for malting in the archaeological record. In doing so, the...

The Genetic Ancestors and Descendants of the Indus Valley Civilisation

The Harappan Civilisation was not a combination of recently immigrated Central Asians, Iranians or Mesopotamians which imported civilizational knowledge, but instead was a distinct...

Stonehenge: The Sarsens Originated from West Woods, Wiltshire

The origin of sarsens, the larger stones that make the primary architecture of Stonehenge was an enduring mystery for several centuries. The geochemical analysis1 of...
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