Scientific European Volume 3 Issue 5 May 2020

1) European COVID-19 Data Platform: EC Launched Data Sharing Platform for Researchers

2) A Novel Approach to ‘Repurpose’ Existing Drugs For COVID-19

3) Securenergy Solutions AG to Provide Economic and Eco-Friendly Solar Power

4) Irish Research Council Takes Several Initiatives to Support Research

5) Humans and Viruses: A Brief History of Their Complex Relationship And Implications for COVID-19

6) PENTATRAP Measures Changes in Mass of an Atom When it Absorbs and Releases Energy

7) PROBA-V Completes 7 years in the Orbit Serving Humankind

8) HEROES: A Charity Founded by NHS Workers to Help NHS Workers

9) NLRP3 Inflammasome: A Novel Drug Target for Treating Severely Ill COVID-19 Patients

10) An Accurate Diagnostic Marker for “Ancient Beer” Research and Evidence of Malting in Neolithic Central Europe

11) Harnessing Waste Heat to Power Small Devices

12) Abell 2384: The New Twist in the Story of Merger of Two ‘Galaxy Clusters’

13) Bridging the Gap Between Science and The Common Man: A Scientist’s Perspective

14) Drug Trials for COVID-19 Begins in the UK and USA

15) Oceanic Internal Waves Influence Deep-Sea Biodiversity

16) PHILIP: Laser-Powered Rover to Explore Super-Cold Lunar Craters for Water

17) mRNA-1273: Moderna Inc.’s mRNA Vaccine Against Novel Coronavirus Shows Positive Results

18) How the Mysterious ‘Dark Matter’ Regions of Human Genome Influence Our Health?

19 The Oldest Evidence of Human Existence in Europe, Found in Bulgaria

20) Scurvy Continues to Exist Among Children